Last weekend, we had some of Kenny’s family with us for a visit – Gram, Pop, Aunt, Uncle and 6-month-old twins. It was a fun long weekend. They brought with them a short list of things they wanted to do / see while in Portland. And us Clarks, well….we delivered on none of them.

What we did deliver, however, is what is shaping up to be our standard ‘Welcome to Portland’ sight-seeing special: an accidental trip across the Burnside Bridge because even though we’ve lived here for almost a year now, we still cannot effectively navigate Old Town / China Town. And the GPS doesn’t really help because it confuses ‘SW’ and ‘SE’, ‘NW’ and ‘NE’ notations before street names more often than it gets ’em right, so you’re often past the point of no return (i.e. at the foot of the Burnside Bridge) before you realize the dang thing is sending you across the Willamette River (again!).  If you’re lucky like my parents, we will take you back and forth across the Burnside Bridge many times over. The Clarks only had to suffer through one trip back and forth. Really, it all works out in the end because this is where you can snap a shot of the iconic White Stag sign. (OK, that’s just what Kenny and I tell ourselves and each other after we’ve inconvenienced our guests with extended time in the car.)

Where were we headed? Big Ass Sandwiches, and potentially VooDoo Doughnut. Did we deliver? Sure, we eventually got them to both places, however, sandwiches were sold out and the line for doughnuts was crazy long (as it normally is!). So we delivered the location, but not the food. On to a quickly pulled together plan B – Deschutes or Henry’s in the Pearl. Pearl on a sunny day = packed. On to plan c: Bridgeport Brew Pub. Success. We love it there. The food is great, the beer is great, the environment is great. Kenny and I decided that this is our new ‘plan A’ destination – it’s easy to get to, plenty of parking and we like everything about it.

Moral of the story? We really give visitors no excuse to head home without a picture of the White Stag sign. If you visit us, have your cameras ready during any and all car trips because chances are, we’re taking you across the Burnside and you’ll get a stellar chance at the shot. Oh, and you’ll probably end up at the Brewpub with a nice sandwich and good local beer. 🙂

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