Scene of my Latest “Athletic” Feat

If you haven't yet checked out how I spent my day on Friday, I recommend you head over here for a nice, solid chuckle at my expense. You'll get a lot more out of this post if you do. Or maybe it will more hilarious if you check out the pictures below then go read what I did to myself? I'll let you decide. :)

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This Takes the Cake

This morning started off being weird, as Kenny put it. He wasn't wrong. Grace was feverish, I was kind of cranky, Gavin was slow to wake and get ready for school. I took Grace's temperature before she left for school and it was running between 99.3 and 100.4, so I kept her home with me and sent the boys off for the day.

I set

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Applefest at Oregon Heritage Farms

We had a nice day at Oregon Heritage Farms' Applefest on Sunday. It was a gray day, but the weather held out and we had no rain. The kids had a lot of fun enjoying typical fall farm activities like hay mazes, including a 'dark hay maze' they had to navigate through with flash lights!, a small pumpkin patch, bouncy house, hay ride and some

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The Rain Has Arrived and I Need Shoes

We enjoyed a ridiculously long, hot, sunny summer here in Portland, and it was this way most days up until last Thursday.

Then the gray rolled in. With some rain...and some sun, but since Friday, we've been more rainy and gray than sunny. Although, today is sunny. Hmmm. Nevertheless, I find myself ill-prepared for the rainy season. Still. Even though we have lived here for

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Good Thing I Like The Beatles?

So last night, I had one of those heart-pounding moments where I heard thumps in the night that jolted me awake.

Thump. Thump. Thump.




Thump. Thump. "Someone" walking on gravel.

I sat in bed and listened for a few minutes to make sure I actually heard it and was not just falling victim to an overactive imagination that was churning out scary experiences

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Burnside Bridge and Bridgeport Brew Pub

Last weekend, we had some of Kenny's family with us for a visit - Gram, Pop, Aunt, Uncle and 6-month-old twins. It was a fun long weekend. They brought with them a short list of things they wanted to do / see while in Portland. And us Clarks, well....we delivered on none of them.

What we did deliver, however, is what is shaping up to

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Portlandish: File Under Things I Never Heard in Philadelphia

As I was leaving the check out area at Target, the guy behind me dropped what I assumed to be an axe on the belt.

Checkout gal: "Hi. How are you?"

Axe guy: "Great! How about you? (chuckle)"

Checkout gal:" "Will this be all for you today?"

Axe guy: "Yep, just my hatchet."

Me: Walking just a little more quickly to the exit. Since my

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A Secret Mom Joy Thanks to Kindergarten

I kind of love Kindergarten.

And not for the obvious reasons like Gavin's learning, expanding his horizons, making new friends, experiencing new things.

It's because I am finally, after 36 years of being on this planet, getting the hang of using Cling Wrap. Joy! You see, my mother was a Cling Wrap pro - loved it, loved wrapping up food items in it, covering food

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Happy (belated) Birthday to going west coastal!

Wow. Time flies when you're having fun. Or moving across the country and trying to grow some roots in a strange place where you literally know no one. Haha.

going west coastal turned one over the weekend. Crazy. That means that we are almost at our one-year anniversary in Oregon. Crazier still.

Over the past year, I have taken to my blog 142 times to

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