The kids wanted to surprise Kenny with some doughnuts this morning in celebration of Father’s Day. Grace put it best: “Mom, Daddy realllllly likes doughnuts. And so do me and Gavin. I think we should go to Krispy Kreme and get some for him. He will really like that.” See what she did right there? Turned “I want doughnuts.” into “Dad will like doughnuts for Father’s Day.” Crafty.

We let Kenny sleep in and the three of us snuck out the front door and piled into the car to obtain some sugary goodness.

Turns out, we should have opted to run. Or walk. Or bike. Pretty much anything but drive. Especially considering what we were driving to buy.

In the 8 mile round trip drive, we saw:

  • 11 runners
  • 8 walkers
  • 1 running dog
  • 3 walking dogs
  • 1 bike rider

Luckily, Krispy Kreme was jammed or I would have felt like we were the only doughnut-lovin’ drivers / non-exercisers in town. Note to self: Next Father’s Day, try to sway the kids towards an early morning family hike. (Ha! Hahaha. I could barely type that with a straight face.)

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