There’s nothing like getting lost in a strange city and your GPS giving you wrong directions. Right road, wrong end of town. Thumbs down.

However, had that not happened, I would have driven a straight line from the hotel to the office and not had a chance to witness the sun rising over the desert. Thumbs up.

Stunning colors – from the deepest red to the lightest pink. And streaks of almost every color imaginable everywhere in between. (Not the best quality – mobile phone pics through a car window, but you can still see how pretty it was. Apparently, this happens every day! And then your skin sizzles off because it’s so hot, but that’s a story for another day.)

2 Replies to “Road trip: Sunrise over Phoenix

  1. Next time you should call me, I’m good with directions, and am nearly a native Phoenician after all (18 years this year)! But yes our sunrises and sunsets are worth putting up with the crazy summer heat for. Hope to see you next time you are in town!

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