I was in Phoenix this past week for work, and once again, awesomeness in the terminal on the return to PDX did not disappoint. You remember my April trip home from San Francisco where I decided that people watching on the way back to Portland is my new favorite, right?

Well this time, I traveled with what I can only describe as a corporate version of The Big Guy. (Look up. Get who I am talking about? I am trying not to be sacrilegious.)

Long brown curly hair wound on top of his head in a tight bun. With a few spirals popping out here and there.

Kind face.

Friendly smile.

Flowy white muslin shirt complemented by flowy white muslin pants. Both were a little dusty around the bottoms (like desert dust) and tattered. The shirt was adorned with a knotted tied muslin necklace of sorts … that softly bounced around as he walked around the terminal.

On his feet? Those strange skeletoes shoes – you know, the ones that look like rubberized sock that individually house each and every toe. (Shudder. I just thought about having to a) slide my toes into those things, and b) walking around with something in between each toe. Ew. Ew.) It’s closest to being barefoot, I guess?

Where’s the corporate part? Wait for it.

On top of this, he had a brown, three-button suit coat. A briefcase. And white Oakleys flipped up on top of his head.

Ta da! Corporate Big Guy with a side of action sports guy mixed in. Awesome.

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