Delivering A Definitive Portland Experience…

…at Sears. This seals the deal as me being a wonderful hostess.

My parents arrived around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday. I asked about their plans for Friday.

Dad: “We have to go to Sears.”

Me: Raised eyebrows. And probably smirked.

Mom: “Our washer broke last night. We have to get a new one.”

Me: “Wait. You are going washer shopping in Oregon for your house in New Jersey?”

Dad: “Yep.”

Me: “Uh, have fun?”

Call me crazy, but this seems slightly hilarious on many levels.

  1. They just flew across the country.
  2. Other than hugging the grandkids and visiting with Kenny and I, their first activity is going to Sears. I mean, I know I didn’t have a firm agenda and had work on Friday, but really. This seems slightly un-dazzling.
  3. They are buying a washer pretty much at the furthest point west as possible – considering they are about 30 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and we’re about one hour from the Pacific Ocean. (Hope there’s no delivery surcharges for that!)

They got their washer, and it’s being delivered into the capable hands of my brother, Kev, on Tuesday. They also came home with reports that Sears out here looks just like the one at home. (haha!) OK, I am off to plan more fun activities…like taking them to CostCo, and maybe even Target. (With activities like these, I am picturing each and every one of you calling your travel agent now to book a visit.)

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    1. Book my reservation for the summer. I think we may need new furniture! I am still laughing with the thought they went for a vacation to see you and the family and went shopping! Only Kathy!!!

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