Mmmmm, Donuts

Aha! So, Springfield, Oregon it is.

Check out this article in which Matt Groening reveals that our neighbor to the south is the setting of the longest-running scripted show, The Simpsons. A native Portlander, he also shares some funny anecdotes and personal observations about our new home town.

It will be interesting to see if there’s any subsequent capitalization around this announcement in the future. Kwik-E-Marts? Perhaps donut shops will become ubiquitous?

Mmmmmm. Donuts.



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  1. Beth Marin

    Have you had the occasion to try Voodoo Donuts yet? First heard about them on a Travel Channel show and had the delight of trying one when my husband brought home after a business trip to Portland! (I packed a plastic container in his suitcase with a note “requesting” one as a souvenir) Vanilla frosted with fruit loops! Mmmmm, donuts!

    April 10th, 2012 // Reply

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