One of Kenny’s favorite activities is putting furniture together.  He never loses his patience or hollers – in fact, he usually whistles his way through the entire project. That’s probably because we always have the right tools at hand. And the printed assembly manuals are so easy to follow. Of course, I am super helpful and supportive and never burst into fits of giggles during various stages of the assembly process. Oh, and he loves an audience, so it’s quite perfect that the kids inevitably stand around and watch him as I snap pictures for my blog. All fun.

(I have not written one true sentence yet – except for this one.)

You can imagine his delight when he came home from his Gavin soccer-then-birthday-party-at-Pump-it-Up morning last weekend and I told him that:

  1. The guys could not install the headboard for us because
  2. The legs on the bed were mis-labeled which means that
  3. We put the bed together wrong which means that
  4. We had to dis-assemble it, reassemble it and THEN attach the super heavy headboard ourselves.

We already planned to put the headboard on ourselves, so to be honest, it was kind of a bonus when the delivery guy told me they would do it. Sure, it was a fruitless bonus, but it didn’t add any further aggravation to the day.

Those four points were only made better by me wanting to take pictures of all the mis-labeling so I could send them to Customer Service and express my extreme displeasure for the extra effort / wasted time. And yes, that entailed him having to take off one of the re-attached legs because he didn’t actually believe that I wanted the pictures to Customer Service. (And yessssss, he was also right that it would be shocking if the email made it to Customer Service, so he shouldn’t have bothered taking the leg off again. Read: I haven’t written it yet.)

He is a trooper though – and all his hard work (and re-work!) paid off. I really like how the bedroom is coming together! We still have some work to do to make it complete – but it’s starting to (finally) feel like “our” room.





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