My “dream” of being the Princess and the Pea is not to be. The new mattress is normal height – woo hoo!

However, I didn’t realize that our comforter was only a Full / Queen. Although our puny Full / Queen comforter in the King duvet is a super classy look, one of us gets shorted some warmth. Soooo…now we have to invest in a new comforter. (Although, probably not a big deal since we are heading into Spring…hmmmmm.)

Next up – the headboard delivery in two weeks. Yes, it’s coming separately from the frame. Yes, you are right, that is awfully weird. And yes, you are right again – it DOES sound like a fun little Saturday when it comes and Kenny and I have to attach a giant slab o’ wood to the frame ourselves with two pre-schoolers underfoot. Don’t be jealous!

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