Apparently, Seafood is the New Chicken

I am officially in Crazy Town and it has nothing to do with the lovely city of Portland … directly.

We were out for late lunch / early dinner on Sunday and I was the only person at the table who didn’t have seafood on their plate. The people at the table were my immediate family (ahh – you thought I might have made some friends, right? Nope.)

  • Gavin – salmon and fruit
  • Grace – macaroni and cheese and some of Gavin’s salmon
  • Kenny (that sell out) – crab roll. Not a crab cake, which he will sometimes be OK with if it is his ticket to a steak (hint – think weddings). It was chopped up crab in some sort of white sauce. (I am thinking mayo, but if he ate mayo, then I have definitely, without a doubt, crossed into a parallel universe.)
  • Me – soup and salad.

Ironically, I used to be the ONLY one in the family that would eat some seafood (just not salmon.) They better not expect me to start cooking seafood. I can still barely pull off a roasted turkey. Here’s to new adventures, right? I think I promised to adopt an adventurous spirit somewhere in this blog…

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I'm Bridget. 37. Mom. Wife. Worker. I lived in Philadelphia (or thisclose to the city) for 35 years. That's all changed. We moved. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To Portland, Oregon. Cue minor culture shock.

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  1. We call late lunch/early dinner, “linner” and we love having linner on Sundays.

    Baked parchment packages of fish are about the only thing I am comfortable making in the seafood realm. A little lemon, some seasoning, olive oil, and the fish. I’ve made it with tilapia, mahi mahi, and salmon and there are tons of recipes out there!

    Stay strong and smile on! 🙂

  2. Next thing is that you will be going to the lake to catch your fish dinner after a day of hiking in the woods lol !!

  3. It was a tame “crab” dish… It was basically the inners of a crab cake (no breading) on a roll… Sweet potato fries… Obsidian Soudt… All that was missing was a cinnamon toast crunch shake!

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