I was told it didn’t snow in Portland. Mother Nature clearly had other plans.

I read last night that we could be expecting 3 – 5 inches over the next two days. Now, while this forecast would be no big deal for Philadelphia, it is kinda a big deal for Portland. It really doesn’t snow here as a normal weather occurrence. We’ve heard there are usually a few icy mornings. However, I’m thinking the forecast can’t be THAT big of a deal because they haven’t yet cancelled all regular programming on the local ABC, CBS and NBC channels and dispatched Portland’s news cast to run around the city and suburbs in hysterics, yard sticks at the ready to dip into any unsuspecting snow accumulation. Maybe that’s only a Philadelphia thing. I will definitely miss those news segments even though they drove me crazy – they were good for a ton of laughs.

I took the first picture from our bedroom window. Gavin and Grace were squealing with delight that it was “snowing”. (We’re talking big, fat flakes at a clip of about 1 every 10 seconds.) “Yes! We can go outside!” “Gav – we can build a snow man!” “Mom, can we get dressed?” They bounded down the stairs, got a closer look at the actual current snow situation and let out a flat “Oh. There’s not that much. Can we have breakfast now?”

In the pictures, you’ll notice that the road is clear once I get out of our street. Gavin’s teacher told me people don’t go out with the threat of snow. I am going to use that nugget of info to my advantage and get a few errands done early. I don’t love driving in this weather, but the news is just saying ‘wet roads’. No big deal right? Our house is at 500 feet elevation, so if I slip, I’ll just pitch off the side of the mountain. (Just kidding, mom. It’s not that bad.)

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