Fun fact: I will be on an airplane every week for five out of six weeks. Luckily, I no longer fear flying nor do I get queasy / have to take Dramamine which had a funny habit of making me feel off balance for at least three days after taking it.

My travel is a healthy blend of work and life. My company frequently touts that I should strive to achieve better balance in this area, so I am considering putting this on my 2012 goals as a shining example of progress.

Besides, who doesn’t like a good test of their immune system leading into Christmas? (Taking bets now on whether I wake up on the Big Day sick.)

Two weeks ago, I spent two days in Phoenix for work. I regret not taking my camera because that town really rocks the Christmas lights. My favorite were the cacti with lights. They look so pretty against the stark black backdrop of the desert landscape. (No change here – this would have always been a flight.)

Last week, I spent two days in New York City, also for work. Normally, I would just take the train…so this was WAY more involved and much longer than usual.  But, it’s such a pretty place to visit this time of year. And – bonus – the weather was relatively mild. I stayed at the Millennium Hilton and took the “construction side”. I was on the 40th floor and had an incredible view of the 9/11 memorial site. Very humbling.

This week, we headed back East for the holidays. Added trip. Normally, our holiday treks only involve a lot of time in the car between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. So, this year, as an added bonus, we got to fly. The car trips between Pennsylvania and New Jersey remain…just in a rental car!

Next weekend we are heading to Florida for a little vacation. We considered canceling, but we need a break from the ridiculousness. Plus, vacation means we can continue our stint as vagabonds another week before settling down. Who doesn’t love living from a suitcase or box for 6+ weeks and counting? Following that, we’ll fly home. Ok, this one we do every year – only difference is the return flight is MUCH longer.

On the Tuesday we return home, I get to go BACK to Phoenix for work. Then I have a week off from flying before I head to Hawaii…also for work. Both of these would have normally been flights, and I am actually ahead on Hawaii, since I don’t first have to cross the continental states before heading the islands.

I should get to enjoy some quality time in our new house in like…March. Woo. Hoo.

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