Some Suitable Alternatives for Your Holiday Listening Pleasure?

Around this point in the Christmas season, I've about had it with the Christmas music selection on the radio. I don't know how it works, but I swear stations buy the rights to about 12-15 songs that fit their format and play them endlessly.

Sadly, they are missing out.

I love Christmas music in all it's glorified cheesiness - the nostalgia, the "limited availability" feel

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Grace’s View on the Return of Will & Grace

FRIENDS! I am so excited for the return of  Will & Grace. It is one of my all-time favorite shows and I am hoping for a healthy dose of fresh and nostalgia tomorrow night. I am steering clear of reviews and early media coverage so my viewing experience is unclouded. (By the way - totally unintentional late 90s / early thousands TV hits start to

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School Picture Day

Today was everyone's favorite: School Picture Day. Or, the parent preferred: Fashion Battle [insert year here] and Hair Style Throw Down [insert year here]. Or...maybe that's just the Clark parent's preferred nomenclature. I suspect not, but maybe it's just us.

We were on such a good path leading up to pictures this year. Grace asked to pick out a dress in late August. Done.  And, although

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A Moving Post

Phew. This summer was a WHIRLWIND. A blur. A streak of lightning. Oh, and hot. So very hot. (Side note: Apparently, Portland summers ARE getting hotter. Yaaaaay. Nope.).

Somewhere in early June we decided to move. In typical Clark fashion, we made a decision and jumped right in. (Long-time readers will remember this from about ...oh, six years ago when we decided to move across the

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Kids & Summer

Yep. That's a crumb-caked knife. Used by one of our children for breakfast and placed back in the drawer.

A few things I guess I should try to be proud of if I want to look for a silver-lining here, and I usually do want to, so here goes:

My kids are old enough to serve themselves breakfast.
Whichever kid it was (cough-cough-Grace) (Just making

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Mulching Fantastic

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you from the edge of my kitchen table, just a few short days into summer break. For the kids, obvs. For parents, normal life marches on through the summer...mostly. You do have a few added chores like parent taxis, and drying all the swim clothes. Adding to our early summer time joy, me and Kenny decided to mulch our yard

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Have you ever gotten a phone call from the vice principal of your child's school? It's literally dreadful the way you might imagine getting fired from your job might be. I never want to answer the phone when I see it's the school calling. No one from school ever calls with good news, do they? "Oh, hey, Mrs. Clark! I am just calling to tell you

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