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Yep. That's a crumb-caked knife. Used by one of our children for breakfast and placed back in the drawer.

A few things I guess I should try to be proud of if I want to look for a silver-lining here, and I usually do want to, so here goes:

My kids are old enough to serve themselves breakfast.
Whichever kid it was (cough-cough-Grace) (Just making

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Mulching Fantastic

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you from the edge of my kitchen table, just a few short days into summer break. For the kids, obvs. For parents, normal life marches on through the summer...mostly. You do have a few added chores like parent taxis, and drying all the swim clothes. Adding to our early summer time joy, me and Kenny decided to mulch our yard

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Have you ever gotten a phone call from the vice principal of your child's school? It's literally dreadful the way you might imagine getting fired from your job might be. I never want to answer the phone when I see it's the school calling. No one from school ever calls with good news, do they? "Oh, hey, Mrs. Clark! I am just calling to tell you

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Recently, I had the bright idea to make 'breakfast for dinner' for three reasons:

My kids love it, and we rarely do it. (More on that later.)
It was a great chance to use our first-ever waffle maker, which I had gotten on super-sale at Williams Sonoma after the holidays.
It was a "quick and easy".  (In my head. Not IRL.)

I planned a simple

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We’re Officially a Mint Toothpaste Family

A recent series of events has confirmed that, without a doubt, the Clark family is officially and forever and always an all-mint, all-the-time toothpaste family.

Over the past two weeks, we've been on poor Gavin about his seemingly absent oral hygiene. His breath has been otherworldly. Honestly, at one point, I thought to myself, "Dear God. This is EXACTLY how I imagine Creed smelled." You

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sNOwPE: A Tale of an Unprecedented Portland Winter (so far…)

As I sit here at the start of SNOW DAY #9 out here in Portland, Oregon, I caught the above scene out of the corner of my eye. Yea, that’s Grace. She’s CRAWLING across the kitchen counter to fetch herself a banana for breakfast. A depiction of the mentality that so many snow days brings. Nine snow days in will change a person.

We’ve all

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Last night, we were sitting around steaming bowls of lovely Chicken, Corn and Potato Chowder following an insane afternoon filled with some snow flakes, a mad rush to grab our kids from school so they didn't have to take the bus on our neighborhood's near-instantaneous treacherous roads once any sort of winter participation hits, and a 3 hour, 10 minute commute for Kenny (for what's

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The Snow Finally Showed!

All right, friends.

The snow eventually showed up, and we had a nice layer by about 12:30 p.m. or so.

Sleds were in full effect for a few hours, and Bob is apparently a huge fan of the white stuff. Huge. As in didn't want to come back inside.

The storm is changing over to freezing rain - as you can tell by the amazing quality

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